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These are the books TSC has published thus far. Enjoy.

The Legendary Tauran'creima: Star Beings of the Universe


The Legend Among a Mythical Race

Tauran'creima is the Lost Stellar Constellation of the ancient celestial race called the Mayethikayians, whom dwell in their own solar system named Universe A-11 Mayethikaya. The Mayethikayians are a very mythical yet powerful race of beings whom very few knew about. 

However, over the course of time, the Mayethikayians gained notoriety the universe over.  The Celestial Embodiment of Tauran'creima - Tetsu'reidza Tauran'creima Courage Astrial'len - does not know what his purpose entails. 

Regardless, little does he know, the universe has countless aspects awaiting him, both good and bad.

Rated 21+


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