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Introducing the creator behind The Legendary Tauran'creima.


Meet Johnny Littlejohn Jr. AKA TSC

Johnny T. Littlejohn Jr. resides in the state of Maryland, where he has lived most of his life.


Johnny has always been a daydreamer, a visionary. He believes that there is more to life than what the populace presumes.


Johnny does not live a generic existence. He finds it utterly bothersome. He creates various ways to keep his life very creative while exceeding the corrupt physical world, which he feels he accomplished a long time ago.


Johnny pledged celibacy years ago. He prefers his lonesome versus losing his virtue. Chastity has benefited him greatly. He chooses to remain this way for the duration of his lifetime.


Johnny has always been fiercely independent. He chooses to do tasks alone versus with a group. He perceives that his willpower, passion, wisdom, and countless talents will get what he wants completed the way he deems suitable.


Johnny has received many awards from the elementary, middle, and high school that he attended. His awards are as follows: Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, Spelling Bee, and Most Improved Student.


May 11, 1990 is Johnny’s birthday. He has always been fascinated with astrology and science of numerous fields. Taurus the Bull – his astrological symbol – holds significant meaning to him.


To Johnny, Taurus represents valor, perceptiveness, passion, uniqueness, and tenacity – basically an icon that can withstand many of life’s onslaughts – if the individual is willing to give themselves time to develop spiritually.


Video game instrumental music has enthralled Johnny for years. His arrays of electronic game influential compositions are Super Mario and various other melodies. Super Mario is the only fictional character he has admired since childhood. Johnny is eternally grateful to Shigeru Miyamoto – Super Mario’s creator – for creating such a wonderful character – as well as crafting lively, vibrant worlds.


Johnny also appreciates voice actor Charles Martinet for giving Super Mario an iconic verbal expression.


Super Mario is Johnny’s hero. To him, Super Mario is the epitome of bravery and optimism.


Johnny respectfully acknowledges Metal bands such as Meshuggah, Amon Amarth, and Slayer for their hardcore music and inspiring lyrics. Like Super Mario, Slayer is one of the bands that helped him push through rough times during his teenage years.


Today, Johnny continues to live his life the way he chooses. He recommends that everyone do the same, for as long as you remain on the right path and outshine the wretched ways of this world, you should not have any regrets.

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